The Throat v III - workshop, May 2, 2011 - from The Elephant Man

Håkan Starkenberg performs a fragment of the aria "Curly Locks" from the coming opera "The Elephant Man" utilizing the interactive and custom-built instrument "The Throat v III" Software and hardware development Ludvig Elblaus and Carl Unander-Scharin

This is the Nucleus


The MIDI-Harp or Vocal Chorder is a specially constructed instrument consisting of nine wires running from ceiling to floor. The work and the instrument were constructed when Carl was Artist in Residence at Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen, during March 2004. Carl had a vision of an interactive interface that would allow him to create accompaniment with the body, to make it possible for an opera singer to step outside the prevalent hierarchic structure of the operatic art. The singer/ interactor plays the vocal harp by stretching, pulling, leaning on and manipulating the wires which in turn both controls the accompaniment and the blue pyramid floating on a black wall outside the installation. The MIDI-Harp/ Vocal Chorder has been developed in several different versions, where audience and performers can play the instrument in various ways.

Idea, programming, electronics, music and voice: Carl Unander-Scharin
Sensory intonation: Carl and Åsa Unander-Scharin
Text: Walt Whitman (from I sing the Body Electric!, 1855)
Construction of the MIDI-Harp: Stefan Knudsen (Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen)

First performance: Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen 2004. Displayed in Malmö Konsthall 2004, ELD 2004, The Dance Museum Stockholm 2004, Mälardalens Högskola 2005. Inaugurated Stockholm New Music 2006, when the current Minister of Culture, Leif Pagrotsky, performed in it.

Elin Rombo & Carl Unander-Scharin sing Love Duet Live

Elin Rombo & Carl Unander-Scharin sing The Love Duet from The Pearlfishers / Les Pêcheurs de Perles by Georges Bizet.
Live from Folkoperan, Stockholm.
Conducted by Andreas Lönnqvist, Directed by Mira Bartov.
October 2009