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[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_2]

From the King of Fools, First act first entry. Singers Mats Persson, Thomas Svensson, Carolina Bengtsdotter-Ljung

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_3]


[Carl Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_4]

The Beatles-duet. Mats Persson, Göran Eliasson

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_5]

I dagrummet. Ensemble.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_6]

The Flower-song (John-Erik Eleby). Dagrummet, ensemble - continued

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_7]

The girl with the spider, Karin Frölén. Dagrummet - ensemble, continued.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_8]

At the Black General´s. Clara Bystrand and Mats Persson.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_9]

The song of the Firebird. Karin Frölén.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_10]

Anton, the railman. Thomas Svensson.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_11]

At the Black General´s - again.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_12]

Hibernal Chorus. Ensemble.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_13]

Aria of the despised.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_14]


[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_15]


[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_16]

Napoleon´s aria: Psykotiska tillstånd/ Psychotic instance. Clara Bystrand : Soprano

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_17]

Working therapy.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_18]

Act I Finale: God´s entry. John-Erik Eleby - ensemble.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_I_19]

Ending - Harsprångsfrukost II

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_1]

Peace at last. Mats Persson barytone, Tanja Kaitaniemi violin.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_2]

The doctor´s visit.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_3]

Arioso of Elin the Thief. Carolina Bengtsdotter-Ljung

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_4]

Meeting the Mother of God. Anna Larsson - alto.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_5]

Showoff for the curious

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_6]

Arioso of the poet. Göran Eliasson - tenor

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_7]

Meeting again. Anna Larsson, Mats Persson.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_8]

The Empathy-aria. Anna Larsson, alto.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_9]

The window closes finally.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_10]

God mother endures.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_11]

Alarm - help.

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_12]

[Unander-Scharin] - [KingOfFools_II_13]