The Idea

"The use of electronics in vocal music and opera is imperative" (1998)

Electronic Opera is an information database where music and information about the Swedish composersingerartist researcher and vocal coach Carl Unander-Scharin is situated. (Youtube here)

Here you can find information about his works, and current performances. CVs and presscuts in English and Swedish are available.

Electronic Opera Records is a record company and Electronic Opera Publishing is a small publishing house.

You can find audio samples, image galleries, pdfs (under each work), and also  information about upcoming projects

New information will be published under each work. New  commissions and performances will be published under Upcoming projects.

If you want to get in touch with Carl Unander-Scharin, please visit the forum or send a mail to

 Carl Unander-Scharin is working on new concepts of interaction between movement, electronics, voice, machines and mechanics. Plese go to Mecatronics for more info; as well as 



Scen 14 - Så blev min bröllopsbädd

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Scen 11 - Scen11_UrKallarvalvensMorkaKallaDjupREPRIS_180212_2

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Scen 5: Käraste hur är det fatt?

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Scen 10: Vad du är blek och mager!

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